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The sweetest forbidden fruit

Jaspeth (JasperxSeth)
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The Sweetest Forbidden Fruit

Jaspeth is your collective home for all things related to the underloved couple JasperSeth.

1.) Since this is a community all about Jaspeth it's only natural that every post made to the community be about one or both characters, their actors included.

2.) Fanfiction and Fanart should be posted with a header with the actual content of the post beneath a lj-cut (the header outside of it). The header should contain a rating and any applicable warnings and spoilers should there be any.

3.) Because this is a Jaspeth community we ask that all fanfiction and fanart feature Jasper and Seth as main characters in either a romantic or platonic relationship, but please keep in mind that the community is called 'Jaspeth' for a reason.

4.) When posting graphics please post them behind an lj-cut. Teasers are welcome and encouraged, but should not exceed 300px by 300px for banners or wallpapers and three teasers icons for icon posts.

5.) Please remember to tag your posts with existing tags. (contact a mod if you need a new tag added)


jakeward, twi_cwc, imprinted_pack, twilight_slash, jascob, marcus_seth, twilightwolves, twislashawards, lionwolf, twilight_adult, lasupdates

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