Fics search!

Hello all!

I am kinda new to community, but I wanted to ask if someone can link me to multichaptered fics. I am good with anything that has good ending and is not crack! :D

thank you! :3
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Loooots of Jaspeth

Very few post here anymore, including myself. I'm going to link all the latest Jaspeth writings I have in this one post but I really recommend friending me so you'll see when I post new Jaspeth.

Bite Down
These Words Lie
Just a Touch
California King
You Lost Me
Believing in You and Me
Sleepover Offerings
Naming Luka
And a Day
A Baby's Laugh
Or What
Or What (Pt.2)
Or What (Pt.3)
Bigger in Texas
Real or Not Real
Pick-up Failure

Merry Christmas to All
It's Going Good
A Proper Goodnight

Timeline - This is really a Jacob/Seth & Edward/Jasper series but the third story involves a threesome (Jacob/Seth/Edward) and the fifth a foursome between Jacob/Seth/Edward/Jasper. This series is a WIP.